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Never underestimate the beauty a well used piano can bring into your abode. Yes, it is old but it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Remember, it was once a precious possession of yours so throwing it out should be the last thing in your thoughts to even consider.

So you ask…

What can you make from an old piano?

My 1st Answer: Restore it!

How you do it: Though your piano may be old, it can still produce the wonderful tune it used to have with the proper volume of care and tuning. All you have to do is dust the piano off and tune it. After that, try on the keys. It is normal for pianos to lose its original tune over time and this is obvious when you hear an unpleasant tune when hitting the keys. Though you can tune your piano yourself, it is always recommended to have it done by a professional to make sure you won’t damage it further. If all your tries at piano restoration is a fail, then don’t lose heart. You can still choose from the ideas below.

Not satisfied, eh?

So again, you ask…

What can you make from an old piano if you do not want to restore it?

My 2nd Answer: Turn it into an Awesome and Cool Furniture!

I have overheard a conversation some years back of a woman asking her friend, ” What can you make from an old piano?” I was amazed at the friend’s answer, “I turned it into my daughter’s bed!” I thought it was non-sense but hey! It can really be done!

How you do it: All you have to do is remove the plate then place padding or foam over the soundboard. The piano’s feet should be sawed partially to the desired length and then remove the lyre.

Another more usual furniture you can make from an old piano is a desk.

How you do it: First, remove the keys, hammers and wires. From there, you can apply a coat of varnish to it for it to look more appealing. You can also add shelves on top of it to give space to more of you study materials like books or pens.

Now that you have this knowledge at hand, there is absolutely no way for that piano to be put to waste. You need some cool and awesome furniture, right? Well, that’s just what you can make from an old piano!

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