Casio CDP-100 Review: Is It Really That Good?

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Casio CDP-100 Critique:
To begin with, there is the natural sounding stereo grand piano sound you get to take pleasure in and for the price tag is pretty superb and surprising. The other thing you should decide is that is comes with the weighted hammer action which makes the CDP-100 piano feel like an authentic digital piano.

As if that was insufficient, Casio also managed to squeeze in some moreentertaining features in this condensed yet elegant tool. It comes with 5 different sounds including harpsichord and strings, a stereo grand piano sounds, electric piano, the 32-note polyphony allowing you to play up to 32 notes synchronously. How great is that?

Additonal features that you will not find all connected in an electric piano of this size and cost include:
- headphone and sustain pedal jacks which you could also use to attach an external amp
- on board speaker system so you don’t have to lug around an amplifier just to play
- layer and transpose function
- 8 digital effects including variations of reverb and chorus. You could play a wide variety of harmonics genres that you appreciate
- MIDI input/output can be used to connect the digital keyboard to your laptop and produce music along with music you have downloaded in order to learn even easier.

Casio CDP-100 Review: The advantages
1. No matter even if you are a beginner pianist or on the middle level, you will have great admiration for the grand piano sound that you can produce music with this digital keyboard. When connected to a dependable set of external speakers with some amplification system, it can actually compete with digital pianos that cost twice as much as this one does.

2. The Casio CDP-100 also has unfair advantage when it comes to portability because it is compact and not just in size but in the quality of features that are in it. It is light-weight and can be carried by anyone to learn and quickly sets up to produce music.

3. No matter where you intend to practice, the headphone jacts allow you to plug in your headphones and produce music away without interrupting anyone. This is great especially for folks in an apartment appreciate setting and you want to be able to practice anytime without disturbing your neighbors, family or roomates.

Affordability is a big plus with this model. No manufacturer comes close to providing the features and value that Casio does with the CDP-100. This makes it possible for practically anyone to own an real sounding piano for only a some hundred dollars.

Casio CDP-100 Review: The cons
1. The built-in speakers are not sufficiwnt if you intend to use them for several performance and in this case, it is recommended that you use an external amplification system. You have to remember that this piano is built with portability in mind so having big and elephantine built-in speakers would defeat the purpose.

While practicing at home, it is an excellent idea to use some professional quality headphones in order to get the awesome sound.

2. If you choose to invest in a pair of professional level headphones, you may need to make sure if they come with the adapter (most of them do) for an 1/8 inch jack which is what you get in the casio cdp-100. Normally, you would expect to have a ? inch jact but an adapter takes care of this difficulty easily.

Overall Recommendation

Overall, the Casio CDP-100 88-note weighted hammer action digital piano is a great buy for an entry level piano. It will satisfy all your needs for a portable piano that is loaded with features. If you are just initial to practice how to play the piano, you will not be dissappointed by this one.

Nevin Fima is a pianist who enjoys training apprentice to average ambitious pianists and has over 18 years of experience. You can read other detailed reviews of pianos from other professional pianists as well as her students suggestions at the casio cdp-100 review blog.

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