Selenium and Health Benefits

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The health benefits of Selenium is much more. Lets explore few:

Selenium is one among the trace minerals that is very essential for our body. It is required in very less amounts. This mineral plays a major role in the proper functioning of thyroid as well as blood sugar levels.

Selenium stimulates the production of antioxidant enzymes, which protects the cells from free radicals. Recent research has proved that this mineral helps in preventing Cancer.

Selenium is found in fruits and vegetables. The amount of Selenium is found more on plants grown in soil that contains ample amount of selenium. Similarly animals that feed on such plants also recorded more amount of Selenium in their muscle. Bread is rich in Selenium. Other foods that are rich in Selenium are Brazil nuts, tuna, beef, cod, turkey, chicken, noodles, egg, cottage, cheese, fortified oatmeal, rice.

The Daily recommended dosage of Selenium:

For Toddlers – Age between 1 to 3 – 20mcg per day

Children – Age between 4 to 8 – 30mcg per day

Adolescents – Age 9 to 13 – 40mcg per day

Teenagers and Adults – Age 14 and more – 55 mcg per day

Pregnant Women – 60 to 70 mcg per day.

Too much Selenium is also harmful; this may lead to a toxic condition called Selenosis. In this toxic condition you may have brittle hair and nails, stomach pain, skin rash, fatigue and nervous system damage.



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