Seki Edge Toe Nail Clipper

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The subject of clipping toenails is not really something that I expected to be writing about. However, we all have the need to clip our toenails from time to time, and performing this task is not usually something that we look forward to. Most of us pickup a cheap set of clippers from our local pharmacy. After all, one wouldn’t normally consider spending much money for a tool to perform such a menial task. Therefore we come to accept the poor cutting quality of these budget clippers. Unfortunately, for those of us with very hard nails, these cheap clippers can cause splitting and tearing of the nail, and usually leaves a rather rough edge. Nail Fungus
After using several of these low-end clippers over the years, most of which ended up breaking before I replaced them, I decided to look for something with better build quality. I figured someone has to make a quality set of clippers that will last me for years, and I hoped that their cutting ability would be better for clipping.

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