Car First Aid Kit A Wise Investment

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Now for the good news. Improved car and road designs over the past two decades have helped to significantly reduce the number of automotive fatalities each year. Features like side airbags and frames designed to crumple around passenger compartments mean that car crash survivors are likely to walk away with only moderate or minor injuries from accidents that would have been lethal in earlier years.

With that in mind, timely treatment of cuts and immobilizing broken bones with a car first aid kit’s supplies can prevent minor and moderate injuries from becoming serious ones. While emergency medical personnel in urban and rural areas normally have fast response times, delays due to traffic congestion or inclement weather are not unknown. Additionally, when traveling on highways or interstates in remote areas, police and EMTs may take a half hour or longer to arrive on the scene.

While it can be irksome to maintain separate car and home first aid kits, the home kit will be of little use during an emergency on the road if it is miles away from the site of the accident. The same holds true if an accident takes place at home, but the car first aid kit is with another member of the household out driving. Additionally, a car first aid kit may make for an important backup in the event of a natural disaster while at home.

Purchasing and just as importantly learning how to use a well-stocked car first aid kit does require some time and money. The potential payoff for families and individuals however, is far greater. Both in terms of peace of mind and in the number of lives saved each year.


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