An Unconventional Weight Loss Food

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An Unconventional Weight Loss Food that is as Promising as it is Healthy

Everyone’s always looking for that new unconventional diet that can help them lose weight. As unconventional weight-loss food ideas go, this one’s pretty far out there – it is scallops and seaweed. There are really substantial reasons why researchers believe that you should be munching on seaweed along with your scallops. It was all in a study that came out in the Journal of Food Science not long ago.

What do you get out of scallops? As with many other examples of seafood, scallops are rich in omega-3 fatty acids – a substance that will help you burn fat faster (to metabolize fat faster, to use the terminology). With a diet of scallops, you also experience a situation where you don’t feel nearly as hungry as you are used to feeling. Sscallops have a protein in them that make you feel quite full quite soon. Of course, none of this would be any use if scallops were unhealthy by themselves. They are unbelievably light on the calories when steamed though.

So where does the seaweed figure into all of this? Seaweed has a certain carotenoid (the substance you find in carrots) that they call fucoxanthin (one does admire the infinite creative powers of the researchers who actually invent these names). They found that when they tested seaweed on animals, their test animals lost quite a bit of weight around the abdomen. This special substance makes the body feel that quite full quite quickly. They still haven’t finished studying the benefits of seaweed or found out how exactly it works. Right now though, it wouldn’t hurt to work a little brown seaweed like the Wakame variety into your diet. It’s the kind that has the most fucoxanthin.

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So okay, scallops are good for fat loss and so is seaweed. Does that mean that you eat them together for twice the benefit? Actually, they do become more effective together. Researchers are actually hard at work trying to put these together into a single easy-to-use weight-loss product. You don’t have to wait around hoping for the product to show up though. You can get both kinds of substances – omega-3 and fucoxanthin, merely by making sure that your diet includes a lot of seafood.

If you wish to look to the sea for your weight-loss food, you need to be careful that you only choose stuff that is pure and free of mercury or other heavy metals and toxins. The scallops tend to naturally be quite free of mercury. You can’t say the same thing about seaweed though. You have to make sure that you buy organic stuff that’s been raised in clean water. For the most part, people just take their omega-3s in the form of fish oil pills that are purified and guaranteed to be free of anything unpleasant. You don’t really need to choose the scallops and seaweed as a specific weight-loss food either; these are very healthy additions to your diet anyway.

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