Encounter With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Was Memorable

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One day in college professor invited a man to speak who had served in the Vietnam War. He spoke at great length about his experiences and the difficulties that he still faced to that very day, almost 30 years later, when a car going by outside backfired and he hit the deck.

After probably a half an hour of coaxing and reassuring, professor managed to help him back to a seat set up behind the podium. The professor made a phone call, and within about 15 minutes a man came and escorted the guest speaker away.

As students around were trying to figure out what happened professor stood up at the podium and slowly removed his glasses. He told that his friend suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, and that certain sounds triggered a response in him that people who did not have the condition would not understand. That was post traumatic stress disorder.

A few days later, the gentleman returned to the same class, this time looking 100 percent better. He even made a little joke about the incident, saying that he would try to remain standing the whole time that day.

He told that whenever he heard a car backfire or a gun shot or loud boom of any kind, it was as if he temporarily blacked out and woke up back in the jungles of Vietnam. He said that he had gone through many years of therapy for his post traumatic stress disorder and thought that he had gotten a pretty good handle on it, but that apparently he had not.

Its so upsetting that a person can develop such a horrible condition through no fault of his own, and now had to live with it for the rest of his life.

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