Hepa Vacuum Cleaners – Why Should You Use These Vacuums?

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Most of us would rather look at a price tag prior to purchasing a vacuum for our homes as we often cannot justify fancy prices for fancy products in a space which they consider to be generally clean. So why would you need to consider buying a HEPA filter vacuum?

The EPA or “Environmental Protection Agency” requires the use of equipment which has a “High Efficiency Particulate Air” filtering system which forces all the air inside the unit, and out via the filter. Studies have indicated that most vacuum cleaners, even though fitted with HEPA filters, do not meet this standard as air can still leak past the filters.

HEPA filters were originally designed during World War Two to prevent hazardous microscopic particles from escaping, and are now being used together with HEPA vacuum cleaners , in hospitals, hazardous plants and offices.

The HEPA vacuum cleaners are super effective and come with money back guarantees as each filter has its individual bar code and can capture 99.97% of all 0.3 micron particles. This is extremely helpful when you need to clean an environment where someone suffers from respiratory issues or even allergies. Isn’t it amazing that we as humans will rather spend a fortune on medication instead of purchasing a quality product to ensure our environment is clean? We tend to overlook the basic cause of our health issues which is normally due to dust/dirt which has insufficiently been removed. Without HEPA filter vacuums dust is usually released back into the atmosphere when vacuuming, changing the bag or discarding the canister. Lucky for us HEPA filter vacuums are now available on the market and can be used in any home or office.

With modern day innovation in the form of travel the world has become a smaller place. Unfortunately viruses also commune along and the outbreak of new virus strands such as bird and swine flu has created fear in many individuals. The filters in HEPA filter vacuums have been designed with microscopic glass fibers which are woven together and compressed into a paper filter. This allows for the entrapment of microscopic particles, such as molds, viruses and spores. Using your HEPA filter vacuum WILL clean the air of smoke, pollen, dust mites and so much more. It is important to remember that you will require a HEPA vacuum cleaner with your HEPA filter in order to make this purchase worth your while and long lasting. An ordinary vacuum simply does not have the power required to maintain the sucking of air into the unit, forcing it through the filters and sealing it properly without allowing the air to escape through the ‘seams’.

Your HEPA vacuum cleaner also comes with attachments in order for you to clean in small spaces, your curtains, fans and even your walls.

There is a variety of HEPA vacuums available and you can further your search to determine which HEPA filter vacuum is most suited for your needs on the Best Vacuum Cleaners website with reviews at http://bestvacuums.info

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