Create Your Own Electricity: DIY Solar Panel VS DIY Wind Turbine

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With fossil fuels dwindling and energy prices spiking, increasing numbers of people have become curious about energy independence. You might be curious, too, but before you can start to produce your own electricity you need to understand your energy making options. The two most viable do-it-yourself options for producing power at home are solar and wind. This article will explore these two renewable energy systems from a Do-it-yourself angle, focusing on the construction, usability, and reliability of each one.

Constructing Your Power Source
Building a wind generator or an array of solar panels is definitely something that an average homeowner can do. You’ve got a couple of building choices. The first, and easiest, option is to purchase a wind turbine or solar panel kit. With these kits, both projects become quick assembly jobs. You do not need to fabricate anything, nor do you need to buy any additional components. Neither project will be especially difficult, and you will be able to complete whichever one you choose in a day or two.

The next solution is to purchase a set of plans that walk you through the process of building a power source by yourself. If you select this approach, you’ll have some shopping to do, and shopping for solar cells is significantly easier than shopping for wind turbine motors. You’ll most likely be purchasing brand new cells, and you can’t really make a mistake with whichever ones you obtain, within reason.

Shopping for an appropriate turbine motor, on the other hand, is more difficult. This is because you need to have some knowledge about what kinds of motors perform best for wind generators. For instance, you’ll want a motor that creates high output at low RPMs. Also, some brands of motors, like Ametek, perform far better than others for this unique kind of project. In addition, you will almost certainly be purchasing an used motor, from an old treadmill, for example, which adds a certain degree of difficulty and uncertainty to your venture. Building a wind turbine is still very doable, however. You simply have a bit more research to do prior to assembly.

Solar panels are not very customizable. They are basically just rectangular structures with solar cells mounted on them. Wind turbines, on the other hand, can be very customized. For instance, people who take pleasure in shaping wood oftentimes craft their own custom blades, many of which are incredibly artistic and time consuming to fabricate. Those who enjoy metalworking oftentimes experiment with different gearing ratios and flywheel mounting methods. Of course, you don’t have to do any of those things. You can simply purchase new or used components that are designed to work together–it’s your decision.

Power Source Functionality
Solar panels supply a more consistent and stable source of energy than wind generators. This is because the sun rises and sets every day, without exception. On cloudy days there may be marginally less useable solar energy to harness, but it is still there for the taking. Wind, on the other hand, is not always present, and, even when it is around, the usable energy it brings with it can vary significantly, from far too much to virtually none at all. That’s not to say that wind is not a good source of power, though. You simply have to be in the right place to take advantage of its advantages, while the power of the sun can be harnessed from just about anywhere.

Power System Dependability
Solar panels are more reliable than wind generators. This is mainly due to the fact that solar panels don’t have any moving parts, meaning they’re rarely in need of repair or maintenance. Wind generators, on the other hand, have an electric motor and a gearing system that are continuously spinning, which makes them more prone to damage a result of wear and tear. In addition, wind generator blades are under the regular force of the wind, which, after a while, can cause them to become weak and break. While solar panels are generally more dependable than wind generators, it ought to be noted that both are dependable, and a properly built wind generator can easily last for many years without damage or disappointment.

Which Do-it-yourself power system is best for you?
Which system is the most suitable for you is determined by a couple of things, your interests and your location. If you’re not in a suitable location for a wind generator then the answer is obvious, a solar system is better in your case. Aside from that, it simply depends on which power source, and project, you think is more interesting; some are fascinated by wind generators, while others like the simplicity of solar panel systems. Remember, as well, that solar panels and wind turbines function very well together, so, if you want, you can complete both projects and, eventually, have a power producing system that is capable of functioning Around the clock and in just about all weather conditions.

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