Snowman Decorations

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Winter is a great time to decorate both indoor and out. Spring and summer are the times when flowers and vegetable gardens are planted, but you can not do much with your garden in the middle of winter. You do not have to limit your winter decorations to decorating for Christmas or whatever holiday you observe. That makes for a rather boring January, February, and March. Snowman decorations are great for the holiday and for the rest of the winter too. You can add these to your home, or you can decorate the one your family builds in your yard.

Many stores will have snowman decorations that you can buy for your home. These are sometimes keepsakes that you want to put out year after year, and others can be simple decorations that you use for just one or two years before replacing. Some are ceramic and others are made of softer materials. Either way, snowman decorations are often very cute and can be left up long after Christmas has passed if you enjoy them. If you want to leave them up, get some without a holiday theme so they do not look out of place after January first.

You can get these same snowman decorations as gifts around the holidays if you wish. Some places offer personalization of some of their products, so look for snowmen that can have this done. You can add someone’s name, the year, or perhaps a special message. These can be great as ornaments for a baby’s first Christmas, or perhaps as a gift for someone having their first holiday season in a new home. If you know someone who collects snowman decorations, you already know a personalized snowman is a great gift giving idea.

Children can have fun making snowman decorations during the winter months as well too. You can find many great ways to have snowmen crafts both in picture or 3D form. Smaller children may love gluing different sized balls together and drawing faces on them while older children can take on more intricate types of snowman crafts. Find examples online or shop for kits that have everything you need to make your own snow people at home.

Don’t forget about the large snowman or woman that may be outside in your yard. There are ways to decorate these that are more fun than the usually coal eyes and carrot nose. Think about getting a crazy wig – perhaps one you used for Halloween – and using that as snowman decorations. Get out old scarves and shoes, and anything else you can think of to decorate the snowman in your yard. Just remember to go out and collect your items when spring arrives so you can save them for the next winter. If you find you are not getting enough of the right type of snow to build your own snowman, look in store and online for inflatables that you can have up no matter how much or how little snow your area gets in any given year.

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