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The principal function of the immune program is to protect the body against several infections. It is essentially the most essential body component that helps in determining one’s state of wellness. The effectiveness of immune system varies from individual to person. In case of weak immune program the individual is much more susceptible to infections and other well being issues. Immune system forms a variety of antibodies that fight against germs. The major components of the immune system are bone marrow, antibodies, cells, lymph nodes, spleen, chemicals, thymus glands and tonsils. There are numerous foods that interfere with the working of immune program and many nutrients and herbs that enhance the immune program. The two most important herbs that are extremely beneficial for immunity enhancement are:


It’s the richest natural source of vitamin C. It truly is considered as a versatile and effective antioxidant that protects the body against all types of cancer, fights against virus that’s responsible for causing AIDS and HIV. Amla also helps in lowering the blood pressure. Apart from a rich source of vitamin C it can be an excellent dietary source of a variety of minerals and amino acids. It can be valuable in raising the total protein level plus the body weight. Due to its antibacterial and astringent properties it assists to fight against several infections, therefore, producing the immune system strong. In Ayurveda it truly is regarded as as an acrid, cooling, refrigerant, diuretic, laxative and with anabolic effect. Different other rewards of amla are:

Assists in good iron absorption from the dietary sources.

It increases the protein synthesis that strengthens the body muscles.

Assists in far better food absorption generating the digestive system strong and balances the stomach acid.

It strengthens the liver and assists in the straightforward removal of toxins and morbid matter from the body.

It really is also responsible for strengthening the hair, nails, bones and teeth. It prevents the premature graying of hair and dandruff.

It delivers nourishment to the brain and heart generating the nervous system powerful and lowering the blood cholesterol.

It really is considered greatest tonic for eyes .

All these positive aspects make amla a strong immune enhancer

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In Ayurveda the herb ashwagandha is believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-stress, anti-oxidant, rejuvenating, aphrodisiac and immune enhancing properties. It truly is regarded as as an adaptogen that stimulates the immune program and improves the memory. It also helps to fight against anxiety as a result of its anti-stress properties. It increases the count of white blood cells and prepares the body to produce antigens against a variety of infections and allergies. It truly is also considered as a tonic for the heart and lungs as its normal intake controls the blood pressure and regulates the heartbeat. It has a strong nourishing and protective effect on the nervous system. Several other positive aspects of ashwagandha are:

It reduces the inflammation of the joints, eases arthritis and increases the energy level of body. It helps in preventing miscarriages in pregnant females by balancing the hormones that stabilizes the pregnancy. Its regular use assists in the maintaining the sugar and cholesterol levels. It really is the only herb that supports the immune program of HIV patients. It has been employed in prolonging life, improving overall wellness, enhancing mental function, growing fertility and libido, augmenting physical energy, and preventing infections. Therefore, acting as an immune booster.

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