Some Techniques to Clean Up Your Brown Wallet

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If you want to clean and maintain the brown wallet, you will have to recognize the leather. If we are talking about natural, qualitative leather, it is better to treat the wallet carefully, and take it to the specialists for cleaning. If you are using a fake leather product, you can clean it by yourself easily because this material is really sturdy. However, let’s see some simple techniques to determine the quality of the leather.

Try to rub the brown wallet with a good leather pickle. When you see that the color of the leather still the same, you can determine that it is good leather. Then you need to use the pickle to rub the surface along with soft cotton. Try to rub harder on the stains. When the color changes when you rub it, then it means that you must get some special product to clean the leather. Try milk to rub the brown wallet, as it is effective with the majority of pigments. Comparing to the pickle, milk is less aggressive, because it can clean the leather gently. For finishing, use a clean towel and a brush. To repair the wallet, do not use paint, moreover if its color becomes pale. A simple pencil of the same color is more than enough. A special solution can be used to soften the leather. Do this repeatedly if necessary.

Eventhough brown wallet does net your care so much, it is better to notice some rules as follow:

1. it is recommended to rub the surface of the product with a soft towel and vinegar
2. use alcohol when rubbing the spots
3. you should also rub the interior side of the wallet with banana peel

You can also use some professional methods to take care of your brown wallet:

1. use wallet and alcohol to rub the wallet surface
2. rub carefully with a towel softened in beer
3. use the interior peel of the orange to rub the entire surface of the wallet

Whether we are talking about a natural or artificial leather wallet, you will need to take care of them if you want the color and the texture to resist for a long time. If not, the dust and the dirt will deteriorate the product.

Use a clean brush and a special solution. If you also need to remove spots, be careful, as you could also deteriorate the leather. A towel softened in hot water and a special detergent will be able to remove them easily. If you can’t obtain the desired results, think about rubbing the spots with a toothbrush. Sometimes you will face some unexpected accident that results some spots, in that case, you should immediately clean it.

If you are happy with the results, don’t let the wallet dry by itself! Use the hair dryer and make sure water and other substances are completely removed.

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