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You often hear men bemoaning the difficulty of meeting women. In our ‘open’ society, you’d think this would be a no-brainer. The problem is that you don’t often have opportunities to just walk up to a woman that you find attractive and strike up a conversation, for fear she’ll think you’re weird, or even possibly dangerous! However, we’ve put together some suggestions, which don’t carry such baggage, on the truly best places to meet women.

Before we begin, we should mention one of the worst, not best places to meet women. You may have guessed – the bars. Avoid the bars, as these are generally the venue of the one-night stand. In addition, too much alcohol imbibing tends to cloud your judgment.

While our suggestions may seem out of date, or obvious, believe me, they still work marvelously to bring like-minded people together. At worst, you’ll make some new friends (who invariably have more friends). At best, you may meet the love of your life.

Concerts are among one of the best places to meet women. You have two approaches here. You can purchase a couple of tickets to a hot concert and ask your neighbor, co-worker or even a female friend if they’d like to go. Alternatively, buy a ticket for yourself and mingle. All of the attendees are fans of the groups playing, so it’s easy to make conversation. Go out for coffee afterwards and get to know one another a little better. This is really a low-risk way to meet new women. If you click, so much the better; if not, you’ve still had a reasonably nice evening.

Museums are another of the best places to meet women. You may be surprised to know that as many men as women attend museums and art exhibits. Check the papers for museum events you’d enjoy. Make it a day. People are constantly moving from one painting or exhibit to the next, so you’ve plenty of opportunities to approach women and strike up a conversation. Extend an invitation to lunch – on you, of course. You’d be surprised at what an enjoyable day you might have.

Sporting events are filled with fans, many of them single, just out to enjoy the games. Use your charm to catch the attention of the lady on your radar. Offer to get her a soda, beer or popcorn. This simple opening can blossom into conversation and perhaps dinner later.

School and community classes are easily one of the best places to meet women. As with our other suggestions, you automatically have at least one interest in common. The class environment lends itself readily to casual conversations and repeat contacts. Here also, your scope of women is broadened through mutual friends.

Libraries and book shops are great places to meet women, particularly if you are the bookish type. If so, you probably spend some time hanging in these places anyway. Instead of burying your head in the stacks all afternoon, check out some of the women as well. Again, lots in common between you. Easy conversation and that bit of chemistry is all it takes to make a casual lunch or coffee date.

The workplace is somewhat controversial. Is your workplace one of the best places to meet women? Maybe. It depends on the work situation. Some companies absolutely frown on employee ‘fraternization’. In small establishments, such as a restaurant, this can lead to perceived cronyism and is thus not P.C. However, if you work in a large corporate complex, it’s unlikely anyone will notice your lunch dates with a fellow worker two buildings away.

So there you have six of the best places to meet women, with a better than even chance of forming a closer relationship. Try each of these and you may find yourself juggling dates instead of moping at home!

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