Mastering the Art of Web Marketing

What I always find separates the good from the bad on the internet is CARE.

Not just caring about the subject, but caring about the VISITOR. It’s what I call “web hospitality” I’m not sure if that is an already coined word, but if not it’s copyrighted to me, Mark Singley 2010.

I only found success when I began to care for my visitors. So many sites are just crap. Recycled, rehashed, spun and autoblogged CRAP.

And you know what, Google hates that stuff too. Google want’s honesty, and the ability of it’s index to serve the visitors. Imagine that, actually caring about readers.

I advocate providing google with websites, of any kind, that have VALUE. Built the right way, promoted honestly and with large staying power because they help people. THEY HELP PEOPLE. They welcome, serve and nourish their visitors with good information, products and services.

And then, those happy people see ads and offers as a contribution to their experience. Not as something to click in hopes of the webmaster making a quick click buck.

I’ve been around the autoblog bend. The spun content bend. It ultimately fails. I have a very good friend who just lost about a hundred spun sites from Google’s index. 100 SITES! And you know what lesson he told me he learned? He’s going back to basics, good content, good structure. Good old websites. And this is the secret of being a Master of Web Marketing.

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