How to make extra money or possibly get free money for bills

When there is money for bills the people in charge usually put an ad in the paper letting people know. Also what the requirements are and any income limits if they apply. Then you’ll have to fill out a lot of forms and bring proof of income or lack of income and sometimes you’ll also need a disconnect notice.

The govt has many different programs available and about half of the people in this country qualify. Funny tho is most of the money never gets sent out because few apply for it. Probably for two different reasons. One, they don’t know they qualify for free money for bills at their income level and two, they are to proud to take charity. Most middle income people are eligible, along with the poor, but never apply because of the mistaken belief it’s charity. It’s not. Of course you still have to meet the requirements of the individual programs but if you do the money is yours with no strings attached.

One of the ways to make easy money is to optimize your pages for keywords you know you can rank in the top 10 for at Google. It’s really not as hard to optimize a page as you might think. I’ve been doing it for almost 15 years through a lot of different search engines.

First, find a subject you like to write about. If makes more money if it’s in a high paying Adsense or affiliate niche. Then write a 500 to 600 word article using your keywords in the title, 3-6 times in the body, at least once in an H1 heading and spread the individual words through out the article like I’ve done in here. Read more about how to make extra money.

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