Universal health care coverage: It’s now a reality and your right!

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It’s been a long road to this moment in the nation’s history. The American democrats promised it for decades. Clinton tried to implement universal health care coverage. For some 20 years, the Republicans, even some neo-cons, were for some version of it. In 1993, Bob Dole came up with his own version; Medicare and Medicaid preceded it. Massachusetts, under Governor Romney, did it for the state. Although it was Hillary Clinton’s baby, it took Barak Obama to force it through Congress. It is Universal health care coverage, for all Americans, and however it may change, now here to stay.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to assert the responsibility of society for the humane care of its members. Using the power of the state to affect the economy was a radical precedent that opened the way for society to care for all its citizens, and to impress on all the interdependence of all of us on one another and on the generations that preceded us. Presidents Johnson and Kennedy carried the enlightened social conscience forward, and with great effect – until President Reagan roped it in. Clinton had the right heart, even though his changes to welfare laws were harmful to many of the poor. He had resurrected the idea of universal health care coverage with great fanfare, but his first lady was unable to get the necessary support. When she returned with it in her bid for President, she lost, but the people demanded it, and President Barak Obama delivered.

Obama gave the people what they wanted. The hope for universal health care coverage  was set in the heart of Americans long before their will was finally done. They’d  seen Canada and the UK provide medical coverage for all of their people. Cuba’s universal coverage embarrassed them. They had seen their friends and family members sicken and die because no insurance company would cover their pre-existing conditions and only the wealthiest people were able to pay. They had seen small businesses fail from their inability to provide health insurance. They had seen the elderly on Medicare have to go without medication because they had exceeded $2,700 in costs, but had not yet reached the required $6,154. They had seen the high cost of insurance soar. When the baby-boomer population finally reached the age when health care coverage really starts to matter, the time was ripe. This bill,  correcting all of these injustices, resulted when the political leadership of the country could no longer ignore the people’s will.

No matter what your economic status, you now qualify for medical insurance. No matter what your health condition, now you can get health care coverage through any health care insurer doing business in the United States. Insurers will have to get in line with the people’s will. On March 23, 2010, with the signing of the health care bill by the President, the people have extended to all citizens the right, responsibility, and the capability to obtain medical insurance, the prerequisite for medical treatment. Affordable, available, health care insurance is now in reach for all people. It’s no longer a hope. It’s the law.

Health Care For Everyone.

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