Physical Damage Coverage for Car- What Are the Different Types of Physical Damage Coverage?

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This article gives an overview of the physical damage insurance coverage.

Physical damage coverage, as the name suggests, covers physical damage caused to your car. The two types of physical damage coverages are comprehensive coverage and collision coverage.

Comprehensive coverage covers a vehicle from damages due to reasons other than collision. If you are car is damaged due to wind, fire, rain, theft, earthquake etc. or if it is stolen it can be covered by comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage covers the damages caused to your car when it is hit by other car or to another car when it is hit by your car. Like the comprehensive coverage, it is also not mandatory. But you may need it your car in on a loan or lease.

Bith of these insurances are generally optional. However, if you purchase your automobile with a car loan, it may be must.

It is very crucial to set a proper deductible amount for both of these insurance types. The difference between the total expense and your deductible will be paid by your insurer. So, to keep your premium low you need to have a high deductible. So, you need to decide your deductible accordingly and buy the insurance. People with a new and generally mostly go for physical damage coverage. On the other hand, owner of an old car doesn’t show much interest in it.

The cost of collision coverage depends largely on a few factors. Such factors are your driving history, age, gender etc. If you have a clean driving record, you have a better chance of getting a good deal. Young drivers are more to reckless driving. Because of that it is relatively hard from them to get cheap collision coverage plan. Women are less likely to take risks and violate traffic rules which makes it easier to find cheap car insurance for women. If you don’t satisfy the above mentioned criteria of getting a good deal in collision coverage, I would suggest you take a driving course. Successful completion of a driving can make things easy for you.

Comprehensive and collision coverage are relatively expensive. Cost of insurance and related offers show a wide range of variation with different companies. For example, some companies may provide free damage repairs, free courtesy cars etc. to the customers purchasing comprehensive policies. So, you need to do a thorough comparison before you buy your insurance.

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