No cost Government Grants or loans: Reality Or Stories?

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Sound acquainted; eerie yet enticing? To professional grant writers these “offers” really are a pernicious rip-off, it’s a wishing effectively, except as opposed to a penny or dime, your tossing in $19.99 or much more, and you are not getting $19.99 back again, considerably much less $1.9 million!

This is not some harmless hoax. Seminar sellers and guide hucksters routinely con people into shelling out many hundreds of dollars to hear lectures or purchase directories that contain data easily available in any public library or on the internet; actually, I am going to be sharing a number of those “freebie” web sites with you right here.

In spite of the grim picture I’ve painted, you’ll find authentic authorities grants for companies and people; the usa authorities does certainly award $400 billion each year by way of its 26 federal entities, what they don’t let you know is the fact that they’re incredibly restrictive. In truth, searching back at each and every federal grant I’ve written as being a professional fundraising expert, I can let you know with some authority that there are inside the location of 15 criteria you should meet to even take into consideration taking the time and shelling out the money to write down one of those monsters (yes, monsters, imagine composing a Ph.D. dissertation). Hey if winning grants were that straightforward, everyone would be wealthy. Perfect? Right.

So, so as to make this monster of the method KISS — keep it simple stupid (recall that one from college marketing?), I will break it down for you. And then YOU count up the standards you meet, or do not meet, and from there make the choice to embark on the Free of charge Federal government GRANT! band wagon.

The first query you should request yourself is: Who are You? I request mainly because in case you fit one or more of the following nine definitions you get to maneuver on for the following six set of standards.

Who are YOU?

1. Feminine
2. Minority
3. Unemployed/Underemployed
4. Disabled
5. Recently released from prison
6. High School Drop Out
7. Veteran
8. Current Immigrant
9. Sexual Orientation

Ok, you have identified who you are; now let’s examine what your company is.

What is YOUR Company?

10. Green
11. Neighborhood Revitalization: e.g. Under the Poverty Level, Rural Accessibility, Urban Renewal, Small business located in an economically challenged region
12. Position Creation
13. Financial development, workforce coaching
14. Support for operating poor: e.g. child care centers, transportation, very low income housing
15. Innovation, social business owners, public/private partnerships

Now, in the event you match one or two with the previously mentioned requirements, most most likely, you’ve obtained a lengthy shot at winning a grant; conversely, for those who fit one or extra with the 1 – 8 requirements AND one or much more with the 10 – 15 requirements, you might have a quite great case for support for you as well as your company. Here’s a scenario of what it could look like to qualify to get a federal grant:

You’re a female, unemployed veteran with a disability resulting out of your years of support. Even though in the military you had been trained as being a chef, now property it is been a dream of yours to start an natural farm in your rural hometown. Due to the men and women you served alongside you begin to see the worth of supplying at risk urban youth using the opportunity to experience a rural way of life, which means you intend to companion with an inner-city great college and have the youth operate your smaller farm, harvest and offer your items at a nearby farmers market. This venture will call for workers, so not merely will you be providing at danger youth a constructive perform encounter, you may employ full time and part time workers. As a result of your encounter as an unemployed veteran, you might have coordinated collaborations with all the regional Workforce Advancement Office so they could help place folks with all the abilities you will need, you’ve got also developed a partnership using the regional women’s prison. When a lady is launched, and when she shows curiosity and has handed specific protection measures, you may present them with apprenticeships which could lead to part time or complete time employment with you or with another comparable operation, now that they have each experience along with a work reference which you may give.

Final spring the USDA had a grant available which could be an excellent match for a scenario just as described above.

So what tends to make these 15 standards so unique that almost every grant demands meeting various of them? It is pretty easy basically. Our authorities grants funds to organizations/businesses which will solve problems or complications going through the US, our economic climate, our citizens. They’ve determined at danger or difficult to make use of target populations and in the event you concentrate on coaching or employing these populations, you might be assisting them resolve a societal problem; creating sure recently introduced prisoners possess a fair shake and develop into productive members of society as opposed to struggling and perhaps ending up back exactly where they arrived, that is an huge cost to the federal government.

If you’ve additional up your criteria and also you think you may be qualified for the authorities grant, here are those “freebie” web sites to search and see what is accessible proper now.

Federal Federal government Web-site;
Fundsnet Expert services
Philanthropy News Digest;
Society for Nonprofit Organizations
Council on Foundations: Neighborhood Foundation Locator
FAS On the web
USDA National Institute of Meals and Agriculture
Grant Wrangler
Environmental Grantmakers Association
Investor’s Circle;
Funders Worried about AIDS

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