How to Look Taller Utilizing High Heel Shoes

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Women wearing high heel shoes give people the impression that she is fierce and proud. You can see that a few centimetres from the high heels will make you look taller and greater, people will look at you on the street with respect and envy when you are wearing this kind of shoes.

High heel shoes are those shoes that make you tall. Its difference from platform shoes is that its heel is elevated and higher than the toes. It is worn slant compared to platform shoes in which both the heels and toes are elevated equally. Many years before, people see high heel shoes as something to be argued about. When they see women walking with high heels, they see them symbolizing sexuality and sophistication. In those days, people will never appreciate sexiness and the woman who want to look sophisticated. They think of it as something forbidden to look at. It was, however, in the 80s and 90s that these heels were used and known again. And it was even made with different styles of heels. This time, it became famous to women and women started to wear them for fashion, not out of sexuality and sophistication.

When walking with high heel shoes, you really have to have the confidence because you’re walking tall. Women cannot walk at all using high heels when they do not walk in a straight line. It would look very funny to others seeing someone looking so uneasy with high heels.

Wearing high heel shoes also have its own benefits. You can see that your legs will look better when you wear it. It also makes their body upright with confidence. You cannot balance walking on high heels if you slouch, so high heels do make women stand straight and giving them a good body posture. Another benefit is that high heels can be worn with any outfit. But you cannot wear it for any occasion. The only weakness of high heels will be mentioned below. You cannot wear it everywhere you go. Well, you cannot wear it on the beach. This shoes are not the best one for the beach and it will hurt your feet. Sure, you will look better with these shoes, but you will endure pain. Another is that some women find high heels difficult to walk. But you know that you need to get used with it. We’re not born to wear heels, it takes a little practice. Last disadvantage of wearing high heels, and women can’t deny it, is that high heels are very tiring to walk on. You can’t wear a pair of high heels when you’re planning to walk or just stand even for a whole hour without causing you so much pain.

Despite the disadvantages of high heels, women always wearing high heels everywhere. These shoes makes women look sexier than before, even when they not using a sexy outfit. High heels will fit with any outfit you have. Women in heels are always in control with whatever they do, and they want the world to know that they do. High heels can then be a symbol of the power of women.

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