Anger Management

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As scary as it sounds, one in every five Americans has a problem with anger management. Why is this scary? It can be a very scary problem when people don’t know how to manage their anger and end up displaying their anger at the most inappropriate of times. Not being able to manage your emotions and letting the anger surface has caused a lot of people’s marriages or intimate relationships to fall apart.

Friendships can be destroyed, families can fall apart and violence can even erupt from these intense emotions. A lot of times, it isn’t difficult to spot the people who have anger management problems. They are the drivers who cut you off in traffic and then give you the finger, placing the blame for their inconveniences or their hurry on you. They are the people who simply can’t maintain their patience or composure while waiting in long lines at the stores. They sigh, make rude comments and let their anger manifest in some incredibly rude manners. If they simply practiced some anger management skills, their entire environment may just be a bit more relaxed and pleasant.

Everyone has situations and things that cause us to feel incredibly angry. Some of us know how to handle those feelings without causing any additional conflict or problems in certain situations. Others truly struggle with how to handle their angry emotions and end up causing a lot of chaos. There are lots of healthy ways to deal with your anger. Dealing with your angry emotions in an unhealthy manner only leads to disaster after disaster and a lot of loneliness in your world. Learning some anger management skills, even minor skills, can help to change your life in so many major ways.

The first and best anger management tip is to simply take a time-out from the situation. If it is possible to remove yourself from the situation, even for a moment, walk away. Leave the room and take some deep breaths. If you can take a short walk, make it happen. As simple as it may sound, if you can’t remove yourself from the situation count to ten.

Don’t let your emotions overtake you take a few seconds and start counting slowly until you feel you can react as calmly as possible. There are times, such as in the workplace, when it is not possible to simply walk away. During those moments, practicing anger management can become a huge challenge. Figure out a way to either take some deep breaths, do some counting or something else that may be able to momentarily distract you from your emotions.

One thing that has been suggested time and time again is to sleep on it. Sometimes, you spend an entire day fuming over a particular situation. Instead of addressing it immediately, sleep on it. If you wake up in the morning and you are still fuming about it and the emotions are still very strong, it is most likely a valid feeling. However, sleeping on it was a great practice of anger management and probably gives you a chance to think about how to approach the situation in a healthy manner.

Recognizing that you have issues with anger management is the main key to getting a grasp on your emotions. After that, the baby steps will lead you to a much more peaceful lifestyle and the people around you will thank you, profusely.

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