How much time might a document scanning service take?

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A lot of the time our clientele speculate just how long a bulk document scanning service will take. This obviously will depend on the quantity of paperwork that require scanning, the processes that you want handing in and the sort of file. But as a common instance, in this article, we will talk about typical A4 documents you would view everyday whether they are invoices, standard letters or other correspondence.

It is easy to undestand that you’d wonder how much time the document scanning process would likely take because, inevitably, you will most probably have to have your documents and documents back at the earliest opportunity. Fortunately, nowadays, technology is at a step where all that work can be achieved really speedily with outstanding outcomes, which is precisely what you’d expect. For instance, the scanning devices that we work with each and every day can scan thousands of papers per day and our business outputs close to 3 million records each month. Even so you’ll find other elements to take into account.

Should you send us files which are stapled collectively, they will need to be taken out before they go through the scanning process, so this can add some additional time, since scanning employees would need to take out the staples out of every single file as they go along. It is not going to add a lot of time, but when it’s calculated together it could add some time. Additionally , there is the type of indexing you would like to take into account, whether it be by date, name, reference point number or additional factors that can assist you search for the recently digitised documents.

You can also request OCR scanning which means that your papers are going to be made fully textual content searchable so particular keywords may be located with a straightforward computer textual content search almost immediately.

So total about how many paperwork you will have that will require scanning and phone up the provider or companies you are looking at working with and ask them for a quote, although make sure to question the amount of files they might output on a daily basis as this would give you a perception of precisely how much time the procedure should take. Also ask them in regards to the indexing and possible OCR processing in case you are interested to discover the amount of time it will add.

Document scanning is an advantageous and future proof alternative for the company, but ensure you go with a reputable provider that gives both good results and speed.

Other points: Look for the ISO 9001:2000 certification which means that the work is seen over by a third party and ask for a sample of the work to be completed to aid you to get a good idea of how the document scanning procedure is going to turn out.

Steve Wright is advertising and marketing executive with Pearl Scan Solutions, a document scanning and electronic document management business from the UK. We provide fast, helpful and effective document scanning and management solutions to clients from all over the United Kingdom including The Environment Agency and Sky.

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