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Just about any MLM company can have a considerable rush of hard cash when getting started simply by being a new network marketing company, but to get any real kind of long term significance, not to mention make the sales reps’ job way more bearable, is to really sell a product line that’s… y’know, good. You need a product people would pay money for, valued at a price people would be ready to pay, even if it didn’t have a home based business attached to it.

If you’re looking at this article, chances are you’re looking at doTerra for a couple of reasons:
1. You are thinking about buying the product and you’re interested with how it compares against competitors, and/or…
2. You’re looking into signing up as a doTerra distributor and want to see if this is a company you could distribute without embarrassment.

Whichever one it is, you’re in the right spot.

DoTerra’s main product is a lineup of therapeutic grade essential oils, the premier grade available for essential oils.

These oils can be used in a variety of ways, from relaxation with aromatherapy, they can help soothe skin when mixed with bath water, and there have even been reports where it has helped take pain away where normal, and often much higher-priced, treatment has failed.

There are many competitors in the essential oil marketplace that have oils that are therapeutic grade. That being the case, if doTerra really does have a superior product, they have a lot of noise to deal with.

For the 15ml bottles, depending on the oil, they can go from reasonable ($15) to the obscene ($100) and everything in the middle. In product comparisons, doTerra’s oils appear to have a price tag of around 2-3x the cost of their competitors. With that said, doTerra does have programs set up to help reduce the pain brought to your wallet. In some cases the reduction can be significant. doTerra, like many network marketing companies’ companies ahead of it, claim the boost in cost is because of the better quality, concentration, and purity of the product. I’m not suggesting that this is not accurate; I have heard a good amount of great reviews from those who did use doTerra oils. However, when you add a compensation plan into the mix, the cost has a tendency to get bumped up a notch or two.

There are 3 key parts that a network marketing business needs to have in order for its distributors can stand a fighting chance in the super competitive playing field of MLM, as well as the competing domain that company’s product is in:

1. A firm reputation that is built on value instead of hype.
2. A product that has bona fide value outside of a home based business opportunity.
3. A system of marketing that is able to give you an flood of eager leads pounding on your door & calling you directly, cash in hand, prepared to connect with your team.

From what I’ve seen of doTerra, despite the fact that it’s only a baby in the grand scheme of things, this company nailed the first two requirements. It has fixed whatever problems customers had swiftly, the product presentations are focused much more on educating the customer as opposed to hyping it to the Nth degree, and doTerra’s product line is actually something customers would and do buy all day, every day without an MLM business attached to it. On the other hand, one key component it’s missing is a way to effectively attract leads to your business. It doesn’t matter how great a product or business is, the cold hard facts are around 97% of sales reps pounding the pavement will most surely fail trying to build a doTerra business should they neglect this critical step. If you learn to do just that, and team up with an veteran team to guide you through this indispensable process, there is no limit to how far you will go with your doTerra business.

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