China’s Export of Labor

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While China is famous for its exportation of inexpensive goods, it is also becoming increasingly famous for its exportation of inexpensive of labor. The migrants from China will frequently travel all over the world and work on engineering and construction projects that are run by the Chinese or work in factories. These jobs have an amazing range from delivering newspapers in the Middle East to herding cows in Mongolia, to doing secretarial work in Singapore to planting flowers in the Netherlands.

However, recently this has caused some violence and protests all across Africa and Asia. India and Vietnam are only two of the countries that are trying to restrict the number of Chinese workers that are permitted to enter their countries and imposing new labor rules for foreign businesses. This is causing strained relations with Beijing. In Vietnam, the intellectuals and the dissidents are using the Chinese labor issues to challenge the ruling Communist Party.

Chinese workers are winning bids overseas to build stadiums, subway lines, highways, railroads, factories, and power plants and are continuing to follow China’s construction businesses that are owned by the state. The Chinese workers are hired in China, either directly by Chinese labor agencies or by Chinese enterprises that find jobs for the workers. There are numerous illegal operational licensed agencies and about 500 legal ones.

The executives in China report that while Chinese workers aren’t necessary the least expensive, they are easier to manage and are more skilled than their local workers are. The director of the China International Contractors Association which is a government organization in Beijing recently reported that regardless if it’s the economic benefits or the social benefits to the nations that the workers are working in, those nations have had some very good things to say about the skills of the workers from China.

However, the local people of some nations consider the Chinese of isolating themselves in the Chinese way of life, of staying on illegally, and of stealing their jobs. The former executive vice president of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently reported that they have never seen the practice of other nations where there are currently entire Chinese villages now.

At a construction site in the port city of Haiphong, an entire world for the Chinese has been built. At the site there is a sign that says Guangxi Road which is a province in China that many of the Chinese workers are from. There are massage parlors, currency exchanges, restaurants that have Chinese signs that advertise fried rice and dumplings, and four walled dormitory compounds.

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