Understanding China Sourcing

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If you have a great idea that you believe could make you millions of you could only outsource it to China, you need to understand the relevant timelines and the process of China sourcing.

Prior to beginning importing your product from China you have to ensure that the development of your product is almost complete. This might take some time and include such things as arranging the price quotes from your local suppliers to facilitate the comparison of the local cost with those of importing the products and the specifications and the design of your product. The amount of time all of this will take depends on the complexity, design, and kind of product that you want to sell.

To import your product from China you will have to find a supplier that meets your requirements. You will need to have some serious negotiations for you or do the negotiations yourself to determine if the supplier will consider manufacturing your product. It is far better to have these negotiations conducted by professionals who can speak the language, have the relevant negotiation skills, and have the knowledge and experience with the Chinese culture. To negotiate the best price for your product you will have to provide the details and the product specifications to the supplier. This will help to prevent any changes to the prices later on. Don’t forget that when you’re bringing any product into your country, it’s your responsibility to comply with any compliance standards or product legislation. After you’ve located a supplier who will provide your product, you will have to negotiate and understand the terms of the trade with the supplier. This includes such things as the payment and shipping terms that are agreeable to the supplier. In order to prevent any issues or problems in the future, it is very important that you get this right from the start. Sourcing to a Chinese supplier can take anywhere between one and two weeks but is dependent on the method that you use for sourcing and the complexity of your products.

Next, you’ll have to source and negotiate for the first samples of your product. Sometimes the cost for the samples can be rather expensive or there may be no charge for the samples depending on how custom your product needs to be and how complex it is. Sourcing your samples may take anywhere between two and four weeks which is dependent on the lead times of the factory and how complex your product is, and if the first samples require changes or are correct.

After your product samples have been sourced and meet all of your requirements such as price, quality, and packaging you will have to create an initial purchase order to provide to the Chinese supplier. This will provide all of the terms of the trade and detailed specifications of your product. You will have to negotiate these terms from the start so that you don’t have any problems in the future. After your Chinese importer receives the purchase order they will start mass producing your product. The amount of time that it takes to place a purchase order is dependent on your experience placing purchasing orders and your knowledge of the content that is required. If you use personnel who are experienced you can reduce the amount of time that it takes. Mass producing usually takes as much as four weeks, but this is also dependent on the amount of products ordered and the complexity of your product.

Sometimes while your products are being mass produced you will have to ensure that your product’s quality is verified to ensure that it meets your initial product specifications. You should maintain a checklist for the specifications of your product to check the quality of your product. This will help to make sure that the products that your Chinese imports are up to the proper quality standards, are what you actually paid for, and meet the required legislation. Depending on any problems that you might have, this process can be completed while your products that are being produced and usually takes about one to three days.

Lastly, you will have to engage a freight forwarder or shipping company to clear your products through customs, ship them to your country, and deliver them to your door. You should select a shipper who will allow you to track the customs clearance and transportation of your products while they are being shipped. Usually this entire process will take as much as four to five weeks.

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