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Learning From Home Online Homeschooling

Let the internet and your computer be the teacher in the modern world. There are many a number of reasons why parents want to homeschool their child in a modern world. Parents may not agree with the regular school curriculum or there may be issues about things such as the schedule, violence, bullies, etc. One …

Promote Summertime Mathematics Understanding on Vacation

The sound of a school bell signaling commencement of summer vacation activates a process significant to almost every parent: finding ways to keep young ones from forgetting all the good stuff they’ve acquired over the past term. Regrettably, considering that math-related exercises probably won’t get optimum attention during the summer months, quite a few children …

Sheridan Hills Christian School, a South Florida Christian School Founded in 1966

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Sheridan Hills Christian School, a South Florida Christian School founded in 1966, announces its Annual School Open Residence last month 6th, 2010, from 9AM to 12PM. Located at 3751 Sheridan Street in Hollywood, Florida, our Open Home will give you information about these programs where you are certain to get to fulfill Staff, Teachers and …