The Easy Way To Beating Writers Block

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At some point or another every writer experiences writers block. It could be because of tiredness, life’s stresses and strains, or it could be for absolutely no reason at all. There is no one type or reason, but there are many ways in beating writer’s block that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Write all the time

Writing every day in little bursts will help combat the serious bout of writers block. Where ever you go keep a notebook handy so if a great idea comes to mind you can write it down there and then. If you can’t get past it, the best way I find to help unlock your thoughts on to paper is to go for a short walk, to clear your head before returning to the computer screen.


I find that meditation helps quite considerably. It helps you to relax and allows you to find a peaceful place in order to gather your thoughts. After meditating I find I am at my most creative and relaxed. Most meditation courses can be found by private teachers, but if you are lucky to have a Buddhist center near by, they offer regular classes which run at different times during the day to suit you.

Don’t try too hard- take a break

Sometimes it can feel like you have to squeeze the words out, and in the end you are just not happy with what you have created. Don’t push yourself, even if you have a deadline as this will only stress you out further. Give yourself a break even if it’s to recharge to return to it an hour later or the next day. The best way to beat writers block is to come back to your writing when you are refreshed and relaxed. I find first thing in the morning is when I am at my most creative and fluid.

Change your scenery

Changing your surroundings can be a great way to alleviate writers block. Take yourself to a quiet cafe, or if it’s a nice day go outside. New things could give you inspiration and I find this helps when I get the worst of writers block.

Refresh your skills

It is always a good to refresh your skills once and a while to beat writers block. There are many inexpensive short day workshops for creative writers of all levels that you can use to your advantage.

A few years ago I went on a creative writing holiday in Scotland. The scenery among other factors was a great inspiration and being able to write with others meant I could learn new skills and techniques. These courses don’t happen all the time so snap it up when you get the chance.

Listen to how you write

One of the best bits of advice when beating writers block is to write with your talking voice. It is always obvious when a writer is not expressing themselves naturally and in the end, is more frustrating to write and uncomfortable to read.

I find the best way to combat this is to read what you have written or your problem passage and record yourself. Play back the tape and what you have written will sound completely different. This will help you to find the right words and will help get rid of writers block.

No matter what method you use to rid yourself of the dreaded writers block, it is always important to remember that really, writers block does not exist. It is a name we have given to the inability to make decisions when writing. Look at where you are having problems in coming to making your choice, whether its wording that paragraph or chapter. Sit and then figure out what decision you are not making and make it.

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