Emergency First Aid Kit Information and Facts

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Your best companion, the survival first aid kit is the most important instrument you need to bring wherever you go where you can place it at the trunk of your car if it’s quite bulky or heavy. However, if you will be heading on a hiking trip it is suggested that each member should have a personal first aid kit with them where they can carry it on the way. It should contain a few band aids, soap, gauze pads, disinfectants and other items for minor scratches and injuries.

While having activity specifically outdoor ones, a qualified first aider should be the one to handle the main treatment. Despite the fact that we are all qualified to render first aid, still we are just within the basic level of giving first hand treatment. It is much better to designate the major task of giving first aid to someone who had undergone already a formal training in first aid treatment. It’s quite awkward to see if the one administering first aid is going into anxiety attack or is unsure of what action to take next. The first aid contents will be utilized better if the person giving treatment is calm, relaxed and appears to be knowledgeable in what he does.

The place of destination also plays a big role concerning the first aid bag that you will bring. It is much better if you will do your activity near your car where the kit is located. But then if you will head out into the bushes, it is better to have each one of you carry some item on the first aid kit. You always have to anticipate that whenever you are in these areas, medical problems that commonly happen are minor cuts from falls, sprains and scrapes as well as minor burns and punctured wounds. That is why it is really a must that you prepare your survival first aid kit for these types of injury.

The first aid bag must have various considerations when you prepare them like; will there be children on the trip, are there elderly or persons on medication and those with special physical or medical needs? If so, you need to make sure that they will be rendered with appropriate treatment in case they injure themselves. For children also, you can include some stuffed toys inside the first aid contents to help them calm down during treatment. They feel calm and relaxed whenever they have something to hold on to during the management of their injury.

You have to bring enough of most frequently used item in the survival first aid kit like disinfectants, bandaids, pain killers and additional medical tape. Also make sure that the supplies will last for how long you will be staying in the field. Wise practice would tell you that bringing a small kit during long trips will not be sufficient so it’s better that you prepare ahead an adequate supply for your medical needs. It is really important that you get to be mindful enough of what to bring since life depends so much on the first hand treatment that you render.


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