Wedding Planning On A Budget

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There are some lucky people who have parents that can get them whatever they want for their wedding. Still others have made their own money and can put on the wedding of their dreams. Not everyone is that lucky. They are going to have to do wedding planning on a budget. This budget may not be a small one, but there are still limits through which someone must work. If you have to plan on a budget, big or small, take some steps to make sure you get everything included before you run out of money.

The first step in wedding planning on a budget is to make a list of what you must have for your wedding. Take some time making this list, because it is easy to forget things that are needed for a wedding. Start at the beginning and run through the day to think about what you want to have and what you can leave out. Some people have different wants for their big day. You may think a huge cake is essential, while someone else would rather spend more money on entertainment. The important thing to do is to pinpoint what is most important to you and your spouse to be.

Some of the things you should think about when thinking about the essentials for your wedding planning on a budget are things that most weddings need. You have your paper items like invitations, marriage licenses, and announcements. You also have to have a place to get married, someone to marry you, and decisions to make about your reception, if you want to have one. Don’t forget that you need a dress or that your groom may want to look nice too. Those are some of the big ones, but there are other things as well. Do you want flowers? How about a photographer? The list goes on.

Once you know what you want to have and what you do not care to include, you can then continue with your wedding planning on a budget. You should find out how much non negotiable things are going to cost and how much total you have to spend. Once you have those prices, you can then see what you have left and then decide how much you want to spend on each thing that you want. This can take some time, so start early. You may find extra money to add more, or you may find you have to scale back to get it all in under your limit.

Things are going to happen that are out of your control ñ which is one of the hardest parts of doing wedding planning on a budget. You should have an amount set aside for when you may have to go over for one item, or if something unexpected happens. Hopefully things will go smoothly, but that rarely happens. You could always ask your parents for more money, or take out a loan to make up the difference, but that is not always possible or smart. Having a backup is the best way to go.

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