Getting facial peels will help with acne scars

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Facial peels work but the most expensive of these peels can be very costly. Hopefully you already know a little about facial peels and what they do to the face. When you get a dermatological peel you are probably getting a very deep face peel. Because the chemicals used in getting your face peeled are very strong and can do damage if not used correctly.

The next level of facial peels isn’t quite as strong. Generally about half the strength that the dermatologists uses. These should still be done by professionals but they are always done by a dermatologist. Chance of skin damage is less because the chemicals used aren’t as strong.

The last type is the home facial done with products you can buy over the counter. You still have to be careful with these OTC facial peels because you could damage your skin. Always follow the exact directions of the packages to look as good as you want to look and not cause more damage to your skin.

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