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Maybe you have seen The Secret and liked it. A lot of people who watched the secret felt that if you just think differently you will get what you want. That’s not true. Napoleon Hill always said there’s never something for nothing. Yes you have to think in a positive way and you have to act on it. . Without action your results can not be created.

Bob Proctor started his success from reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. He was featured on the secret. He attracted wealth when he applied the principles from Think and Grow Rich. He studied this book in and out. After he achieved success he wanted to know what exactly happened to allow this to change in his life. He has many programs that can help people achieve success. One of his programs are The 11 Forgotten Laws. It is explained that these laws allow the law of attraction to be unstoppable. You can see more about his program or purchase it when clicking on this link manifest dreams. There are many programs and teachers that can help you along the way. I suggest you find what feels right and works best for you. Keep an open mind when searching for the right help and what to do that will allow change. Open minded people will try almost anything until they find their results. Close minded people won’t think or try anything outside the box. They will keep shutting everything off and not give anything a chance.

Joe Vitale was also on the secret and is a great success teacher. He has a program called The Awakening Course. If you are looking to be awakened and find secrets to success in all areas in life this course may be for you. To see more on this course and see testimonials on how Dr. Joe Vitale has helped people create success in there lives go to attracting abundance.

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