How Can Schools Get the best out of teachers and students?

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A teacher’s job is by no means effortless; they have to pass their understanding onto their students to promote growth and prepare them for the real world.

You have to have patience and the desire to inspire and anything less simply isn’t good enough. It’s not a job everyone wants and it takes a special person to take up the profession of teacher.

Children in today’s society no longer like the idea of just using pen and paper. I wasn’t allowed to use a pen until I’d left primary school and went into Grammer School. To make matters worse I only ever learned to use a computer when I was in my second year at Grammar School when the mere mention of a ‘C’ drive did nothing but cause confusion. For me, it wasn’t easy learning and at one point had my doubts whether or not I’d stick at it. Pen and paper, for me, was always the way to go; saw nothing wrong with it. How old fashioned is that? Maybe my difficulty in learning to use the computer stems from the fact that I didn’t start until Grammar School.

Things have moved on. By the age of five, a kid can have a computer; by the time they reach grammar school they could pretty much teach the subject themselves. Therefore; a question has to be asked about children using computers. Can we do something to make schools use computers to their advantage. That question hasn’t been answered until now and we’re talking on a big scale. This is actual combining of student; computer; and their school work. is that answer. For the first time, there is a website that brings the three elements together and helps teachers get the best out of their students. Asking for help while doing homework is easy with this website. Teachers can make good use of this as well by keeping track of their students’ progress; whatever the case may be. Help will be there for the students who need it or want it and asking for help is a click away. More than that, you can interact with friends and help each other out with homework or just simply have a good time.

Stress can be a big component in the classroom, and if a teacher is stressed the class feels the pain. This site can help with that, helping students get the extra help when needed. Stopping and starting in the classroom when someone doesn’t understand can be a thing of the past. Teachers should enjoy themselves just as much as kids and this website will help make that happen.

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