How to Learn Tennis

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If you’re keen to learn tennis there are plenty of ways to get started. The best way is to take a series of tennis lessons with a coach.

However, if you have played sport that uses a racquet or a bat you can pick up tennis pretty easily. So, hitting with a friend may work ok for you to learn tennis because you have some hand-eye co-ordination going for you already. I’ve seen hockey players and softball players take to tennis like they’ve played all their life with out ever having a single lesson.

If you’ve not played much sport before then your friend may not being able to teach you. The basics aren’t always that easy to teach to a beginner who has no experience so go easy on your friends if this is you.

Another benefit of getting coaching if you’re new to tennis is that you will start off correctly. I’ve seen a lot of players who’ve taught themselves tennis or had a friend or family member teach them and after years of playing with an unorthodox style these players can find it hard to change their habits.

Learning to play tennis is best done with some coaching. They’ll teach you the fundamentals of grip, rules, footwork, and tennis strategies to get your tennis game off to a great start.

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