Men’s Bicycles – What is the Appropriate Type of Bike for Me?

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Men’s Bicycles – What is the Appropriate Type of Bike for Me?

There are actually four main forms of men’s bicycles that you can select from. Your selection can rely upon why you’re purchasing the bike.

Categories of Men’s Bicycles

Road Bicycles are suitable for riding on paved streets and for going fast. Resembling racing bikes you see on Tour de France, they’ve got skinny tires, a lightweight frame plus a riding position that puts you bent over the handlebars.

Choose this bicycle if you want to cover lengthy distances or cycling fast.

Mountain Bikes have wide tires, typically with knobbly treads and a stout frame, they’re designed to deal with rocky trails without breaking up. You sit in a more upright position with straight handlebars, as an alternative to being arched over as you can be on a road bike.

Mountain bikes do not move as swiftly as road bikes, but they’re easier to ride and it is possible to go off road on them.

Hybrid Bikes are a concession between Road and Mountain bikes. With thinner, smoother tires, they are able to travel more rapidly than mountain bikes, yet include an identical upright seat and handlebar position. They offer the best features of both when the vast majority of your cycling is going to be shorter trips on pavement.

Hybrids are best men’s bicycles for city cycling, and offer speed, hardiness and comfort.

Cruiser Bikes are the bicycles that you will often see on the beach. More uncomplicated mechanically, they’ve got large tires, broad seats, upright handlebars and sometimes a gear or two.

Cruisers are simple to maintain but work best with smooth terrain and a cyclist whose key concern is more concerning being relaxed than with going fast.

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