Removing Stretch Marks: What Are Your Options?

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Stretch marks affect a huge portion of the population, both male and female, for different causes. Whether you gain weight quickly, lose weight quickly, become pregnant or simply have a family history – stretch marks could be something you have to live with. Removing stretch marks is something that many of us dream of.

The first thing to realize is that stretch marks naturally fade with time. They start out purple/ reddish due to blood vessels showing through the broken layer of skin, but will eventually fade to a white/ silvery color. In some people, these white marks are barely noticeable, but for others you may want to try some of the following treatments.

1) Stretch Mark Cream/ Lotion

Perhaps the simplest method for removing stretch marks is to use a specially formulated cream or lotion. These are designed with a number of important minerals and ingredients that your skin really needs to effectively repair itself.

Creams will need to be used regularly, but the good news is that they are extremely cost effective. One of the best creams that has shown great results over time is Dermology, which is available as a risk free trial.

2) DIY Measures

The best way to reduce your stretch marks is to combine the cream above with a number of DIY measures. When you apply your cream, make sure to massage the area – this will improve circulation and put your skin in a better position to repair itself. You’ll also need to drink plenty of water each day, and make sure your diet is balanced.

3) Stretch Mark Surgery

Surgery is a less common option, simply because it counts as a cosmetic treatment and can be extremely costly. The abdominoplasty is the most effective, as it removes the damaged excess skin, though you can also opt for laser treatments. None of these are guaranteed, though they can work to reduce stretch marks quicker than home treatments.

4) Prevent Stretch Marks in the First Place

Whilst this isn’t a solution for those who want to go about getting rid of stretch marks that already exist, you can prevent further stretch marks by using the advice above. Drink water, eat a balanced diet, avoid rapid weight gain and make use of a specially formulated stretch mark cream. Prevention is far easier than finding a cure.


It’s important to realize that none of these methods for removing stretch marks are 100% guaranteed. In fact, they generally work to fade stretch marks, often to the point of invisible, rather than removing them altogether.

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