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Soy inks have become an increasingly popular different to petroleum-based mostly inks during the last twenty years. Business utilization has gone from 5% in 1989 to roughly 23% in 2009!

You’ve got probably heard in regards to the environmentally friendly features of soy-based mostly inks. However do you know there are a number of different benefits to them as well? Listed below are four.

1. You are helping the U.S. break free of overseas oil dependency.

Much of the soy-based inks come from American farmers. Using merchandise made in the U.S.A. helps the country’s economy and reduces dependency on international countries. With today’s present oil issues you may as well make certain you are not pouring your cash into the ocean.

We’re not going to say that that is making a huge dent in our overseas oil dependence. But every little bit helps. When you contribute directly to the American financial system and cut back our dependence on overseas oil, it has advantages for us all.

2. The value of soy ink isn’t as unstable as the value of petroleum based inks.

The price of ink is one thing that printers pay after which go along to you. While soy inks have been historically barely costlier per unit, the truth that less soy ink is required tends to offset the price. In terms of massive print runs, this could make a big difference for you and your printer, and subsequently the environment.

3. Soy-based mostly inks are brighter and fewer susceptible to smudge.

The lighter translucent consistency of soy-based inks allows pigments to shine by, which may end up in brighter, crisper color. It also exhibits higher rub resistance, which signifies that soy-based mostly inks smudge much less on most media.

4. Soy inks make you and your printer better stewards of the planet.

Petroleum-primarily based inks launch giant amounts of unstable natural compounds (VOC) which are so poisonous that they usually trigger dizziness and complications for print shop employees! Soy-based mostly inks have an a lot lower VOC output, which advantages the world around us and the humans who live in it.

Because soy-primarily based inks are simpler to take away from paper than petroleum-based mostly inks, they go away extra paper behind for the recycling process. Not only does this make recycling extra efficient (and therefore more profitable, as well as useful to the environment), it also produces a whiter, cleaner looking recycled paper product.

In accordance with the United States Soybean Board, “Soy ink lately celebrated 20 years of use in newspapers all through the United States. Currently, over ninety p.c of the America’s 1,500 every day newspapers use soy ink in their presses.”

Using soy ink in your printed merchandise will add what you are promoting to the ever rising checklist of companies going green. Ensure that your selection of a printing company considers using soy ink and green printing practices.

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