Is The Asil Chicken The New Rover?

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Should you consider the Asil chicken as a candidate for a new pet? Unless you have lived on a farm all your life, you may think it is odd to want to have chickens as pets. However; for those that have the room to keep them and are looking for something a little off the mark, a chicken may not be a bad idea.

This breed of poultry can trace its roots back as far as 1500BC in the areas of India and Pakistan. This is a well-muscled chicken, so they are not really meant to be eaten. Although some cultures have made some tasty recipes. They were bred because of their natural tendencies to fight one another. These traits along with the larger size made them more attractive to those that where into cockfighting. Cockfighting today is illegal and immoral, of course.

The world of cockfighting is starting to overlook these birds for larger and more tenacious birds. Due to the Asil chicken’s tendencies, it is wise to consider this when mapping out living quarters for the birds.

Young chicks will fight each other; separation at a young age will be in order before they are big enough to hurt each other. Knowing the birds’ personalities will go a long way to knowing who can live with who. Following basic guidelines is always helpful but will not apply to every animal. All animals require sufficient supervision, especially when they are experiencing a new interaction.

So what would make the Asil chicken a candidate for a pet? They are an incredibly smart bunch of birds. Their intelligence is what sets them apart from other chickens. They also bond very closely with their owners and will often seek out attention when the owner is present. They are visibly happy animals when they have their needs met and feel comfortable and safe.

They do lay eggs, but they do not yield as many eggs as a typical chicken. They make very good egg sitters, though. The Asil chicken is a healthy breed of chicken and does succumb to the diseases that other fowl fall prey to. Their living conditions will naturally affect overall health, but they are less prone to disease.

Ultimately, it is up to you whether you decide that a chicken is a pet for you and your family. They can be pet and cuddled like a cat or dog, but they are not going to be likely to be found lying next to a fireplace on a cold night. They may fit in as a cute, little barnyard animal.

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