Child Proofing Your Yard

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Most new parents think about child proofing their home and nursery, and they think about things to put into the car to make rides safe and enjoyable for their new baby. However, they often forget that once that baby is going to be outside, there are hazards all over the place. Mom or Dad will not allow baby outside alone, of course, but they may be so focused on keeping baby out of the road, off of high places, and away from strangers that they may not see the small things that can hurt a child outside in the backyard. Take a little time and make sure everything is up to par.

If you have a fence, or are thinking of adding fence, this is one big child proofing area in which you should use great care. You want something secure, but also something that is not easily climbed by a child. Make it high enough to keep them in the area you have set aside for them, and also make sure there are no big gaps between the bottom of the fence and the ground. They could try to crawl through there and get stuck. Child proofing your fence also means making sure old fences have no broken links or planks, and that are parts are as strong as they need to be.

Child proofing your lawn is about insects as well. There are the usual suspects that are just a part of life, but there are some that can be dangerous. You may already know of some of the more dangerous pests in the particular part of the world where you live. As a part of child proofing your lawn and garden, think about doing some research. Know what nests and other insect homes look like so you can eliminate them before your child accidentally stumbles upon them.

You also have to think about the toys you are going to have out in your lawn or garden when thinking about child proofing. Make sure the toys don’t have sharp edges, does not catch up dust and mud easily as babies put everything in their mouth, brightly coloured so that child can find it easily etc etc.

While you are spending your time child proofing, spend some time thinking of things that are going to keep your kids happy and moving. Buy safe toys that encourage motion and activity, and don’t forget the favourites like the sand box and perhaps a kiddy pool. Save the swing sets and tree houses for when the children are a bit older, as that is just one more set of things you have to worry about child proofing. As long as you have given everything your attention, you can relax and enjoy your time outdoors in the lawn together without too much worry.

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