Little Girl’s Tea Party Dresses

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A little girl can wear a fancy dress and practice her etiquette and a tea party. Most tea parties for little girls are for little girls that are approximate the ages of six and eight years old and there are usually approximately six guests. A little girls’ tea party requires some supervision and intervention by at least one adult. Here is how to find little girls’ tea party dresses.

A tea party has two different parts, the dress up part and the actual party. Your little girls’ dress will take up a considerable amount of your times and should also make up a considerable amount of the entertainment. However, if it is done properly everyone will have a very good time.

You need to use a room like bedroom for your tea party so that it will feel like an old fashioned dressing room/boudoir. You can add some privacy and glamour to the tea party with some decorative curtains or screens. You need to use a vanity that is real and filled with soft lip gloss, pale or clear nail polish, powder puff that are real, scented colognes, atomizers, combs, brushers, and hand mirrors.

You also need to have as many different fancy gowns and dresses for your tea party as you can find that are made from some fabulous fabrics. Little girls dream about silk, velvet, sheer things, shininess, beads, sequins, flowers, and ribbons. You can use all types of hats, large flowers, and feathers to accessorize your little girls’ dresses. You can also add come finishing touches with some costume jewelry, a feather boa, a stole, and a handbag all of which will amaze your little girls.

It isn’t necessary to spend a considerable amount of money for your little girls’ dress for the tea party. You need to ask for help from everyone that you know such as other mothers that have little girls who are guests and other friends and family. In all probability, someone that you know has a little girls’ dress that you can borrow. You can also check with flea markets, the Salvation, and the Goodwill stores in your area. Since the little girls will miss some of the fun, don’t permit them to come to the tea party already dressed.

You can also have the tea party outside in a garden or inside the house. Using some silver foil for the mirrors and some cardboard for the handle, you can make have little hand mirrors and put the name of each little girl on the handle of the mirror. You can make them more attractive by putting some short streamers of ribbon or little craft flowers on them which can serve as a name tag while they are at the tea party and the little girls can then take them as a party favor.

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