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One thing is for sure about bedbugs, they cannot fly. In a small way, it blocks one avenue in which it can gain passage into our sacred abode. However, considering the many ways it can slip inside, it does not amount to much. Count it all, appliances, baggage, things and stuff; even the clothes we are wearing are mode of transport for the bugs to enter our doors. Being so very, very small, it has the ability to hide away from detection. They have no problems slipping inside tiny cracks and spaces. In addition, it can run, mind you, through floors, walls, and ceilings if needed be.

Call it what you like, but it is really a stroke of luck that bedbugs loves to feast on animals and human bloods. As if conspiring with the unknown, they are most active during the night and thus attack us with impunity during our sleep. It has an elongated beak, which it uses to pierce through the skin to be able to suck the blood of its unsuspecting victim. The average time the little vampires need to gorge itself well is around 3 to 10 minutes tops. After satisfying itself, the vermin turns a bit reddish in color and fuller. Little as they are, you can just imagine how much blood they secrete from you, every single night.

Bedbugs are very hard to detect because they are very small and thus so tough to spot unless you are looking specifically for it. Not for anything else but simply because you might attribute the itching and welts to mosquitoes and other sources. Sometimes the bedbugs are already well entrenched by the time you find out about their existence. Whatever may be the case, whether you are able to ascertain it early or too late, you can still get rid of them by calling on the assistance of a professional bed bugs exterminator? To serve as a fair warning, bedbugs can reach maturity in less than a month. Each one is capable of producing 3 or more generations in one years’ time. That is approximately hundreds of eggs in each or their lifetime. Even if it is only the female bed bugs that are able to reproduce, that is still a big number to reckon with.

Well, it might be some consolation to know that bedbugs do not pass on disease. Still, being bitten and awaken at night from pain is not a something you will welcome every night. To prevent it from further moving around, hire a qualified bed bugs exterminator to get rid of it. It is very hard to find the bugs since they hide very well being small and all.

You will sidestep the hassles and pains involved in removing the vermin if you call in the help of a bed bugs exterminator. Mind you, the stress involved are definitely exasperating, to say the least. Bed bugs hide in many unorthodox places and finding them will drain you of your energy and patience. Save yourself a lot of trouble by letting the pros handles the demanding task for you.

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