Stroller Travel Systems, Universal Car Seat Carriers – How Do You Tell The Difference?

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Baby buggies are designed to carry your baby when you’re travelling around for convenience and in comfort. There are a good selection of different types of baby carriages that you can choose from. While some only give you very basic features, there are those that are packed with a lot of add-ons that are intended to make travelling with your baby a whole lot easier. Here are two types of buggies or pushchairs that you might find worth looking at and the differences between them.

Stroller Travel Systems

This type of pushchair is very convenient for on the go parents. They have a removable infant car seat that allows you to transfer your baby from your vehicle to the stroller and back again without disturbing the sleep of your infant. Although popular, this type of stroller, however, can be a bit on the bulky side so you really need to consider the size of your car before buying one as you might not have enough room for any other things that you might want to transport around. It’s probably better to check out the car seat first before buying, make sure that it fits your car properly and easily.


>>> You can use a travel system for longer than many other types of pushchair as they are suitable from birth until your child is a toddler.
>>> Their swivel wheels make maneuvering a stroller very easy – useful when travelling over rough ground.
>>> Stroller Travel Systems come with features like canopies and child trays.
>>> You can use this form of baby carriage in shopping malls, paved sidewalks and undeveloped paths.


>>> This type of pushchair can be too heavy and bulky.
>>> They can be more expensive than other baby buggies.
>>> They need more space for storage.
>>> You can’t use any other infant car seat except for the one that comes with the system.

Universal Car Seat Carriers

This model of pushchair is widely considered as an improved version of the stroller travel system. Like them, a universal car seat carrier also has a removable infant seat. The main difference between the two forms of child transportation is that a universal car seat carrier is generally smaller and more convenient to use than the other.


>>> A little more affordable than the stroller travel system
>>> Lighter, more compact and easier for busy mums to manage
>>> You can use most brands of infant car seat with this type of pushchair
>>> It has a one-hand folding mechanism
>>> Good for use inside shopping malls and for sidewalks
>>> This pushchair is more sturdy than a stroller travel system
>>> There are double and triple pushchair models which are very convenient for parents with twins, triplets or children within approximately the same age-group

>>> You cannot use them for rough terrain
>>> Not advisable to use when jogging or running
>>> Not as many features as a travel system
>>> Once a child outgrows the car seat it isn’t usable

Stroller Travel Systems and Universal Car Seat carriers are just two of the types of baby buggies that come with many features for you and your baby. Before you choose what is right for your baby and yourself it’s always advisable to take a good look around.

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