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Babies brighten up peoples worlds and it is a phase that every parent looks forward to. They transform them into more patient and more caring beings as they open up their eyes to little things that they may have taken for granted. Human nature demands that people give their babies the best in terms of care, love and material support. Babies care is ought to be special and their sweet angelic gurgles will leave people mesmerized by this wonder of existence. Parenthood is a calling and parents will be required to dedicate a reasonable amount of their time to this new addition.

The care taken for a baby depends on the age of the baby and keeps changing with age. Infants will require more undivided attention as opposed to toddlers. Infants are very sensitive and parents are demanded to be effective and more hands on to cater for their every need. Babies care is of great impact to their young and sensitive lives. It determines what kind of adults they will be and how attached they will be to their parents. It is advisable to raise babies in secure and safe environments. Babies are known to flourish in loving and caring environment where there is zero intimidation.

Abusive homes harm babies and this is a fault they will carry through out their lives. It may also make them angry and brutal people in life and their association with other people will also be affected. Babies care will touch on their health and it is essential to monitor their temperature changes since most of their health concerns are predicted through a too high or too low temperature. Medical attention must always be sought to ensure that the babiesí health issues are attended to. Other care concerns will revolve around their needs which include baths, clothing, travel, toys and many others.

Massaging babies will help them relax and enjoy  a deep peaceful sleep. Touch is known to be connective and massages are ideal as they will enhance long term bonding between babies and their parents. Babies sleeping areas must be safe and free from things that may threaten their safety. These include noisy environments as well as the cluttered ones. Babies should be changed often to rid them of irritations which may be caused by soiled diapers. These could be a source of their discomfort since they will cry if wet and uncomfortable. Breastfeeding must be done for the first six full months before a feeding program is set up. Breast milk is highly recommended as it gives babies immunity from an early age.

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