Fish Oil – How It Can Help Many Conditions

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Here are some of the most important conditions that can be helped by this marvelous supplement.


There are research studies reporting compelling statistical positive occurrences of improvement in patients treated with this supplement. Others claim the effects to be minor or not very significant in their studies. Still others reported a small improvement in patients in a blind study where still other patients were treated.


Many people suffer from this skin condition that causes thick scales on the skin caused by inflammation. Either from a lack of oil in the diet or the body’s lack of ability to handle oils.

Research has shown that supplementing with fish oil can help improve the condition. Patients have shown a real improvement in their conditions when supplementing because it helps reduce inflammation. With a reduction in inflammation comes relief from the frustrating painful condition.


Omega-3 supplementation showed a protective effect on people with Parkinson’s disease and this is similar to research on Alzheimer’s disease. Both Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease effect dopamine. High doses of the supplement appear to have a neuroprotective reaction in the system. This is an exciting prospect for researchers trying to find a way to prevent Parkinson’s disease.


In studies of breast, colon and prostate cancer some researchers indicate a viable anti-cancer effect from the fatty acids found in this supplement. Studies found that it reduced and slowed cancer growth in genetically engineered mice. There was a study of thousands of middle-aged women in which those that were given the supplement were found to have a 32% lessened risk of breast cancer. Of course, this is a preliminary outcome and much more research needs to be completed. But what a wonderful possibility of a treatment for this devastating cancer among women in the prime of their lives this could be.


The average western diet is quite deficient in the necessary nutrients found in this supplement. Omega-3 oils are found to protect and promote the health of the fetus in various ways. Those would be fetal brain injury, psycho motor development among others. In mothers that ingested the supplement during the early months of pregnancy studies reported better psychomotor development and better sustained attention spans in toddlers. All this suggests there are long-term benefits to Omega-3 supplementation.

Note that pregnant women often are deficient in Omega-3 because the fetus uses the available oil for its brain development. It may also protect the fetus from future allergies, especially in food. As an added protection to the pregnant mother, the supplement seems to prevent pre-term labor and delivery.


The best source of omega-3 is the oil from the fish’s body, not the liver because the liver contains the active form of vitamin A. At elevated levels this form of the vitamin could be dangerous.

There have been critical studies of fish oil supplements recently that reported high PCB levels in some products which made it necessary to withdraw them from the market temporarily. However, there are patented processes to remove pollutants and dioxins from fish oil. And those processes are being used to keep the limits of pollutants within regulatory limits.

Using this supplement daily in our lives will address even more conditions than are mentioned in this article. As research continues it will uncover just how beneficial fish oil is to our bodies and minds. Be sure and research your sources and make educated choices when purchasing this supplement. It can be a major factor in your good health. Remember, always discuss any supplement you consider adding to your routine with your health care provider before you begin.

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