Looking for the best anti inflammatory supplement?

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There is no doublt about it; when you suffer from arthritis or other inflammation related chronic disease, then what you should be looking for is the best anti inflammatory supplement around. Now, what you need first of all to understand is that, based on numerous medical studies that have been conducted over the years, is that inflammation is basically the root cause for almost all of the chronic diseases such as arthritis, asthma, etc.

Therefore, what you need to concentrate on is the underlying biological mechanism that triggers inflammation in the first place and then sustains it. According to a study performed in the RMIT University in Australia, leukotriennes and cyclo-oxegenase are the compounds that are responsible for the onset of inflammation.

Based on the same study, what has been established beyond any doubt, is that compounds such as omega 3 acids are very effective in fighting inflammation.

One of the top nutritional supplements that, among others, have a high concentration of omega 3s, are those that are based on green lipped mussel, a type of seashell that is grown off the shores of New Zealand. To find out more about the amazing green lipped mussel benefits on your health and more, visit my site.

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