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Apart from carrots and peas I’ve never liked the taste of boiled vegetables. Difficult for my parents when they were trying to get me to eat other types of vegetables for the goodness in them, but I came up with what I thought was the perfect solution.

I like the taste of raw vegetables so I asked for my portion of vegetables not to be cooked and served to me with the dinner instead of boiled vegetables. What we didn’t realise at the time was that by eating my cabbage, parsnips, broccolli, spinach, turnips, sprouts, cauliflower etc. raw I was eating healthier than the rest of my family who had theirs cooked. That was because some vitamins and nutrients are destroyed with heating.

I never used to eat as much fruit as I should. It was considered a luxury when I was growing up and we were limited to one portion a day. As an adult I still didn’t like the taste of most boiled vegetables, though lately I have developed a liking for roasted vegetables which were never an option when I was young.

I could hardly blame my kids when they started to pull faces at the vegetables on their dinner plates, and as we have all been made aware of the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg or more a day for better health I needed to come up with a way of getting us all the nourishment that we need from them. That was why I bought a combined juicer and smoothie maker.

Some think that the drinks made with it are expensive, but I work in a shop that sells produce and I’m usually around when the reducing is done on the stock that is almost out of date so I grab the bargains. I think that you will find that most shops that sell fresh food items have a regualar time for reducing where you can save money.

Our family favourite fruit juice recipe is what we call the fruity combo. Basically we combine apples, melon, peaches and oranges without their skins and serve on a bed of ice. Absolutely refreshing, full of goodness, great for slimming or detoxing. We adults use it to make an assortment of alchohol based drinks, our favourite being a variation of a Tropical Vodka Smoothie. The recipe for that is:

200ml coconut milk
100ml Vodka
150ml chilled low fat yoghurt (we use vanilla ice cream instead sometimes)
1 lime
100ml chilled pineapple juice
1/2 chopped and peeled pineapple
6-8 ice cubes
2 teaspoons icing sugar (we don’t use this)

Just place everything into the blender except for the lime. Use a zester to pare the lime and save that until later. Squeeze the juice from the lime and add to the mixture. Set to ‘Mix’ for 10 seconds and ‘Smooth’ for 30 seconds. Decorate with the lime zest to serve.

That’s the basic recipe but we have experimented with different fruits and especially strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. At least when we are having an alcholic drink we are partaking of something good for us at the same time!

I feel healthier and more lively than I did before the combined juicer and smoothie maker came into our lives, and my family say that they feel the same. So that purchase has turned out to be a really good one.

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