Reasons to Quit Smoking

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There are far more benefits and advantages for those quitting smoking than there is for continuing to smoke yet there are still many smokers who can’t or won’t quit. It’s sad really that so many are addicted to something that may be deadly for those around them.

When you quit you experience your blood pressure going back to its normal level as well as your pulse rate. Since the toxicants in your body have increased during the days of puffing cigars or cigarettes, chemicals such as nicotine disturb the balance of metabolism and various processes such as causing the loss of appetite and thus weight loss. Nicotine also disturbs the brain by triggering neurotransmitters to alter the moods of smokers such as giving the sensation of alertness, sharpness of memory, and arousal. This is the apparent reason why users keep on smoking cigars or cigarettes, to relieve them from stress even in a short period of time.

Although the chemicals in cigarettes can give relaxing and comforting sensations, the accumulation of the substance in the human system can block the passage of air in the arteries leading to heart attack and stroke.

Carbon monoxide is also a component of cigarette smoke. This substance results from incomplete combustion and is highly carcinogenic in its chemical properties. This affects the lungs eventually giving them cancer. When you quit, carbon monoxide will be eliminated from the body and the lungs can start clearing out mucous and other smoking debris.

Furthermore, various cancers can be avoided such as lung cancer, larynx cancer, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and other irritations in the eyes and esophagus.

As a result of staying clean, breathing becomes easier, the bronchial tubes begin to relax and the body gets re-energized. Blood circulation gets better and problems regarding coughing, wheezing, and lung functions improve.

The risk of heart attack also decreases by half as compared to smokers. The risk of developing lung cancers also decreases by half. People who successfully quit cigarette smoking and stay smoke-free become more confident due to a realization that they have control in life and that they can do things on their own.

So obviously you get healthier and the risk to your life is lessened when you stop smoking – that goes for those around you too. Add to that the savings that you will make and not smelling like an old ashtray the reasons to quit smoking are more compelling than continuing with the habit.

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