Preventing Kidney Stones – What You Ought To Appreciate

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The passing of a kidney stone is often regarded as being one of the most agonizing physiological experiences one can have. Normally, Kidney stones are formed as a results of wrong and unhealthy life style. Some suffer from kidney stones because of inherited genes from one or both parents that make them prone to kidney stones. It is easy to treat kidney stones, with an early diagnosis. Passing kidney stones does not have to require the presence of a doctor. This is achievable by natural methods. Larger kidney stones, however, require more care, since they can cause more pain and suffering. In order to avoid a complicated treatment, it’s very important that the kidney stones be treated as soon as possible. It’s important to recognize the symptoms in its early stages.

You will not know that you have kidney stones, until the pain begins. Normally, the pain is very severe and experienced on the back and under the rib cage. If you have an ache that won’t go away, you should be concerned. Before making a decision in passing a kidney stone, make a lifestyle assessment on a few things in your daily habits. Do you eat too much red meat? Is your daily intake of water lacking? Are you eating less fruits and vegetables than recommended? Do you hardly exercise? Much of your kidney stone experience hinges upon your lifestyle. And, even if you are predisposed to that condition because of genes, then you should make an effort to prevent the occurrence of kidney stones.

Then that shouldn’t be a problem if you are determined in passing kidney stones by yourself. Utilizing an urine strainer is of benefit. The urine strainer will catch the deposits that come out of your bladder. Place that in a specimen container and deliver it to the doctor to examine it further and decide the root cause.

Increasing your water intake will aid in passing kidney stones because it increases the chances of urinating. The water cleanses the bladder, hopefully taking the kidney stones as well. Be careful not to overdo it though. Infections in the bladder can be caused by excess water held there and can cause the body’s natural protective lining to be removed.

Expect the process to be really painful when you pass a kidney stone. But if you think about it, this temporary pain is better than undergoing a tedious kidney stone surgery. If you feel the pain, try to distract yourself and keep busy. You may wish to request an anti-inflammatory drug that will not damage the kidneys should the pain become too intolerable for you to bear. Or, a tried and tested method is to drink water with a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon. Since the oil lubricates the Kidney stones, it is relatively painless process to discharge kidney stones, in this method.

A beer or two helps stimulate the bladder, as the beer acts as a natural diuretic. However, when passing kidney stones, stay away from coffee and carbonated drinks. They don’t encourage urination and will even leave you dehydrated, making the process of passing kidney stones more uncomfortable.

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