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Great Anti-Aging Tips

Anti aging does not necessarily mean resorting to expensive cosmetic surgery
facial or beauty treatment expensive. Here are my all time best anti aging tips if you really want to look years younger than your real age.

1. Drink More Water

You need to moisturize your skin from the inside – the skin cells and every part of the body including the brain need. Without water dry skin and anti-aging essential nutrients can not be delivered into your system. If you want to look younger, then make sure water is an important part of your anti-aging regimen.

2. Protect your skin from the sun

Sun damage is the number one enemy of youthful skin. Sun makes the photo-aging, a process for the production of deep wrinkles of the skin and can cause premature aging spots.

3. Improve your diet

For younger skin, make sure you take lots of vitamin C and E. These two vitamins are miracle to restore the collagen in the skin. You’ll also need a lot of omega-3 to maintain the structure and the fluidity of the cells and hydrates the skin from the inside as a part of anti-aging system. Eating fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains – all rich in antioxidants nourishes your skin and makes you feel younger..

4. Drinking green tea

Green tea is a great natural anti-aging food. Taking green tea during the day can protect against all forms of cancer, build your resistance to heart disease and dementia. It also contributes to the body’s ability to burn fat – especially abdominal fat – resulting in the loss weight, even if there is no change in your daily diet.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important habits for everyone over 40 years. When you sleep your body releases growth hormone, which stimulates cell renewal. Your skin will suffer if you do not get the beauty sleep you need. If you had a stressful day things will get worse, and stress hormones suppress the immune system and accelerate the aging process. Therefore, less stress and sleep well.

6. Regular exercise

Exercise gives you more energy, strengthens muscles, increases blood flow to the skin, helps prevent high blood pressure, reduce anxiety, strengthens bones and increases metabolism to lose more weight fast. Exercise is good for the skin. It increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells.

7.Hydrates and Exfoliates

Anti-aging skin care cream carefully selected and properly used, gives constant moisture – essential for mature skin. It also protect the skin from free radicals. Take time to choose a good anti-aging moisturizer.

8.Stop smoking

You may not be able to completely reverse the damage of smoking has done to his skin, but will stop the damage getting worse. Smoking promotes the destruction of collagen. Reduction of collagen is the main cause of skin aging.

9. Meditation

Meditation helps release the unlimited power in the subconscious. It will improve the internal and external beauty. Ageless body, timeless mind can be achieved through the daily practice of meditation.

Do you want to know how to Look young? then go check out the Anti-aging Tips website. – Author or Webmaster: Ruth Ann Lugue

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