Kidney Stone Medication – Options That Help

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Due to the various foods and beverages that have come to inception over the years, you can never be sure what you are actually ingesting. Not everything you eat or drink is good for you; some foods and beverages are known to harm your health. Not all food has an ingredients list, and understandably not everyone can know everything that is in their food. If you tend to eat out or consume pre-packaged food, this holds true for you in particular. Many suffer from many ailments without realizing they really have that problem. Kidney stones are one of the most experienced medical maladies. There are options for kidney stone patients wishing to treat their symptoms.

Kidney stones are hard, stone-like formations, that can form in one or both of the kidneys. Kidney stones may not affect a person or be bothersome unless they exit the kidneys. However, if it starts to move out of the kidneys and make its way to the bladder through the ureter, the tube that carries urine away for elimination, then the pain can already be felt. Larger kidney stones will cause more pain, but even small ones can cause great discomfort. This happens because the kidney stones get in the way of the flow of urine, it can get so bad that bleeding starts to occur.

Kidney stones are not typical. Some are so small they will pass through your system without hindrance. The pain can be caused by larger stones becoming lodged in the ureter. When this happens, kidney stones treatment must already be done.

Kidney stones treatment can be classified in three types: home treatment, medical treatment, and surgical treatment. They will determine the acceptable treatment for your kidney stones, depending on how advanced the stones are.

The home treatment uses herbs and supplements that are known to eliminate kidney stones and alleviate the pain that it causes. Rajmah or French bean decoction, Basil, and Pomegranate are the common home remedies used in treating kidney stones.

Proper medical treatments will also be administered in the patient’s home, save with prescription remedies instead. One example of this is alpha blockers that make kidney stone passage easier. It helps the kidneys relax, thus decreasing kidney muscle tension which makes for easier elimination of the stones. Other natural products and supplements exist that will help to shrink and break the stone down and purge it from the system.

However, surgery is in order. when kidney stones are so large that they cannot pass through the system using traditional methods. Surgically, there are three ways to take care of kidney stones. One is the ESWL or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy which uses sound waves to break the stones. If the ESWL fails, a PCNL or Percutaneous Nephrolithotrypsy is performed. And lastly, the Open Surgery, which is the primary procedure before undergoing EWSL and PCNL.

A great deal more may be mentioned on kidney stones, and how you could take care of it. To uncover more on kidney stones treatment, just click through to the blog. The issue with this type of condition is that a lot of individuals talk about kidney stones that it is difficult to get trustworthy advice. Thankfully you can unearth what you have to know about how to get rid of kidney stones naturally right here.

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