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Buying a hair straightener is maybe one of the most important decisions about your look. On one hand, you got enough of that rebel hair that doesn’t look as it should. On the other hand, you heard all those stories about your friends damaging their hair. Certainly, we have here a tiring and fragile tool yet the moment you discovered how to manage it you’ll surely be glad to have it and use it most of the time. Here are a few advices to teach you how to clean hair straighteners

1. Try to use the straightener with a lower temperature! There are straighteners which can be modified hence it would be great to use it and set it in low temp first to test it on your hair. If you have thicker hair, you might need to rise the temperature a little. Don’t use a higher temperature than needed thinking that you will obtain a better result. Aside from that you will be able to clean your straightener easily, that’s the most important tip on how to clean hair straighteners.

2. The hair straightener must be used on dry hair! Nonetheless there are manufacturers which are asserting that their product can be used even for damp hair. Assuming that your hair is damp then the temp would vary and your hair would turned out dehydrated.

3. Try the hair straightener on smaller stripes. Yes it would take a little bit longer than usual but at least you are certain that your hair’s natural beauty is protected. The hair will also look better, and you will be able to understand how to clean hair straighteners efficiently.

4. The hair straightener must “flow” in the stripe easily you should not spend too much time in a single place. Don’t insist if the stripe tends to be rebel.Let it cool and try again a few minutes later. Else, your hair will be electrified, and you will obtain the opposite effect to the one needed. It will also degrade your hair. You can use the hair straightener for about 2-3 times every stripe for thicker types of hair yet you can only use it once for thinner types of hair.

5. Suppose you are regularly using the straightener then it is advisable that you set it at 100 degree celcius. Though the product description states that you can still use it even in higher temp however it’s much better to protect your hair than take risk. Furthermore the protective foam is quite difficult to pull out. This is maybe one of the best how to clean hair straighteners tips.

6. If you want your straightener to be effective, but you also need some curls, you will have to buy a special straightener. The special straighteners have some wrinkles on one of the planks. This side of plank can produce some curls. Firstly, you have to use the stripe in twisting your hair then pulling it down slowly. It is hard to believe how plain it could become. Furthermore the residual foam would be simply taken out. Use a hot towel and you will be able to clean the straightener in a few minutes.

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