How Good is a Helium Leak Detector

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A helium leak detector is a machine that uses helium as a part of the process for checking for leaks in a large number of apparatus used in production processes. Companies need to ensure leak tightness as part of there manufacturing process due to the increase in safety requirements and the focus on environmental issues.

Utilizing a helium leak detector within the process of manufacturing will be probably the greatest strategies for helium leak detection. First the merchandise is positioned in a chamber that is vacuum sealed, after which the air around the merchandise is eliminated, creating a seal between the inside and the outside of the item. Helium is then pumped into the inside of the merchandise and the helium leak sensor on the outside will detect any gas that leaks out, these sensors are in the form of a very delicate mass spectrometer. Utilizing this technique it is possible to detect leaks that other checks, just like the pressure decay method, will not detect.

There are plenty of advantages to using helium leak detection equipment and methods. Helium is the second smallest atom (the smallest being hydrogen) and this means it can get through any possible gaps that other atoms will not get through. You therefore are assured that, once you use a helium leak detector, you are testing to the best standards.

Though helium is found in the environment, it is in such a minute amount that the test is never affected. I point out this as it’s a common query when looking at testing and you will need to understand that the integrity of the test is robust and intact.

Helium leak detector gear is very secure as helium is an inert gas and is subsequently perfect to use for testing purposes. With other gases, used in another gas leak detector, you need to be careful if any residual amounts are left within the item after being tested as they will react with different liquids or gases which it might come into contact with when put into operation. This will not occur with helium.

It’s simple for mass spectrometers to detect helium when testing as it’s got a mass number that’s unique and you’ll then tune the mass spectrometer to only detect helium. Once again this helps enormously to make sure the integrity of the test and will usually provide you with higher results than an ultrasonic leak detector.

The value of helium is low which can make it a cost effective test, when in comparison with other industrial leak detector checks, and as helium does occur naturally throughout the environment (albeit in minute quantities), it may be discharged into the atmosphere without causing any harm to the environment.

An Inficon helium leak detector can supply numerous flexible solutions from manual choices to totally automated options. Manufacturing rates and test pressures might be tailored to suit your needs with the flexible programming software. I’d advocate that you purchase your machine new instead of buying an used leak detector.

I hope this has given you a greater understanding of a helium leak detector and the way this nice piece of equipment may also help you in your manufacturing processes. This is a cost efficient resolution that is also environmentally friendly and it’ll also provde the best test results.

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